What we stand for

Information on this website is not open to the public, or third party developers. Your data is safe with us.  We uphold all necessary SECURITY measures to protect the IDENTITY of our clients. 

Do not disclose your personal information or payment data communicating via chat with other users and writers in your profile for security reasons.

Website security

All our accounts have SSL encryption and have been protected by DMCA. We perform routine security checks and have secure systems in place to ensure that your payment and personal information is always private, protected and only visible to our company. Please DO log out from your accounts if you use any device that can be used by other people but you, like Internet café or others, to keep your data safe and protected, and avoid any hacking.

Our Cookies’ policy.

By cookies, we are referring to text files that identify any computer to the server. These only identify the computer but never the specific individual user by name. “This Website” uses cookies to gather information about our web traffic and to understand how we can improve our services in the future. Cookies are an effective measuring system to determine how much time a given user stays on a certain page on our website. However, users are always allowed to receive notifications when cookies are used or they may turn off cookies if they desire. With cookies are turned off, however, certain personalized aspects of our website may not be used.